Our Story

Hi, Welcome to YOUGLOW βœŒοΈπŸ’™

At YOUGLOW, we believe beauty should be uncomplicated, effortless and, more importantly, at your own leisure. And for this reason, we set about on a journey to find a solution for a problem not many asked to be solved, but one we believe needed solving.


At YOUGLOW, we make easy to use gel nail wraps. An easier, less time consuming way to get manicures. With YOUGLOW, you not only enjoy the product but also the process.


We not only want to revolutionize manicures, but the beauty industry as a whole.

For us beauty is synonymous with self-care. And that involves doing what you like, when you like and how you like it. But most importantly doing it for yourself. We understand how important this is and we aim to make it a hassle-free, at the comfort of your home kind of experience.


It was wonderful to meet you and introduce you to YOUGLOW.

Happy Manicuring.

My journey with YOUGLOW began when I realised how tiring and expensive a single trip to the nail salon could be. The long waiting hours and uncomfortable chairs only to get nail art stopped appealing to me. It got almost impossible to find 3-4 hours to spare from my busy schedule to get one of my favorite things done - manicure. It soon started feeling more like a chore than something I would get done to feel good. I realised just like me there were others who needed an easy and accessible alternative to gel manicure. A lot of research and development got us to bring this wonderful product to the Indian market. As I like to call it - a life savior

Yashaswi Khaitan - Founder